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Ultimate Planning is proud to offer paid internships to students taking charge of their careers. You'll be part of a team of experienced financial advisors working on real projects with real day to day market presentations, at the same time you'll be receiving the kind of education only hands-on training can provide.

We're proud of the success our interns have gone on to achieve - and they're proud to have the reputation strengthen in their resumes. Many of our interns return after graduation to take full time positions with us as Wealth Planners.

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Joselin Ooi

Since 1996

Founder of Ultimate Planning Network

This business is not by chance, but it is by choice. In life anything new that we are going to embark is always fear as we do not know what lies ahead. When you weigh the consequences it has all to gain nothing to lose to make all your dreams come true. It's an industry where we gain some and our clients gain the most by drinking more coffee, telling more stories and making more money.

As a Wealth Planner, and a good follower, following the business system closely will make you achieve your financial independence the shortest time compared to many other industry that can offer. Minimum capital, belief in yourself with hard work and discipline and team work will make your dreams come true.

I have coached and trained many with minimum of 32,000 hours put in, has helped me gain better relationship and seeing my members improve their life style, and changed to a professional entrepreneur has encouraged me to recruit more new people into this industry.

Nothing more satisfying then to see your members walk their talk and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Andy Chew

Master Premier Wealth Planner, MDRT 16 times, COT 2
Joined in 1997

Co-founder of Ultimate Planning Network.

Kerry Low

Senior Wealth Planner, MDRT
Joined in 2002

Looi Wai Ling

Wealth Planner
Joined in 1999

Lynda Siau

Wealth Planner
Joined in 2000

Neo Jo Lyn

Wealth Planner
Joined in 2007

Eric Poh Hock Chuan

Executive Wealth Planner
Joined in 2007

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